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Friend list needed

A friend list would be nice I am looking for my old friends like example repgod. If you see this come and play again


Hi I’m maddie I am amazed by this app it’s so fun and I love it so much and it’s really addicting I suggest playing this a lot!

I don’t get why people say it’s full of ads

Sure ads do pop up every once and a while but not that often. The game is also free. And sometimes I even get a coin after watching an ad. Also anyone who has 21 after their name is a robot. I would really like to know how to level up. I also wish there are more avatars they have about ten female and male but not many variety. Like there is no Asian so sad Black so sad or Mexican. I mean come on none look like me. I think what would be awesome is if you could create your own avatar. Add glasses change skin tone. But enough about the complaints. I did rate this five stars because it is five worth five stars!!!

I enjoy it a lot but..

I love this game so very much play it almost everyday i wish that you could have animal avatars because there’s no black characters that are free and that’s just sad I mean really?! Also I mean I know you can’t control the players but they will draw something really bad and not help us by drawing something else but the games fun. 4 stars

Broken, full of bugs

My first 10 minutes consisted of not being able to draw at all, watching way too many ads and menus popping up that I couldn't interact with or get rid of (presents??). No fun at all. Uninstalled immediately.

SOOO COOOL but one little prob

It’s so cool so that’s why my job is a artist. It just needs a update.That update is give us HINTS. And that’s why I gave you this little note.Goodbye 👋🏻!

Очень хорошая игра



W hen I accidentally added "/“ at the end of the word it stuck and I had to exit the game.

Awesome game

I ❤️ how you could 🎨 or 🤷‍♂️ what you were 🎨!!!!!😜😂☺️😍😘😊😁😀😋🤗🤑😛😝😏



Fu€k me daddy

This is game?


I love this game! It's really fun but sometimes people don't use the game as its supposed to be used like just talking instead of guessing. And people when drawing just write the word instead of drawing. I know most of this is out of anyones control but just wanted people to know 👍


Totally great

I love this app but....

This app is so much fun!!!!! But every once in awhile the game crashes or gets really lagging... Besides that this app is really fun and I recommend it a lot!!!


You get to draw

Very fun

And addictive

Nice game


Great game

Great game

Great game

Love this game so much and think it should be top of the charts🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Full of bugs! Crashes constantly!!!

NOTE::: If you do see what I've written & fix these issues... I have no prob paying for coins in the app except I also want an option to pay to remove ads permanently! Thank you! This is honestly the worst app I've ever used. It crashes constantly, is full of commercials & I won't even get into the lack of monitoring that causes unfair practices. If you spent some time fixing the multiple issues this app has, then it might be worth it but as is... no way! One more thing. There is No way I'm the only one to bring up these issues & give 1 star. This app shows it's rated a perfect 5... something is fishy here!!!

Very fun!

The gameplay allows users to keep guessing the drawing. Once the right word is typed in it immediately notifies you. The extra features are fun like changing avatars, paintbrushes, and the person drawing can use different colors and line widths. Highly recommend playing it. Only downside is the ads, but you get what you pay for. Programmers have to make their money! (◕‿-)


The best drawing game ever!

Awesome app

This game is so much fun and addicting

Good game


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